A Nice Travel Guide to Singapore From Rhino Car Hire Singapore

Singapore has the busiest port in the world and is an affluent and commercially vibrant country. The city is split up into areas which include the main business district, Chinatown and Little India. The many races and religions that co-exist in Singapore make it a dynamic and cosmopolitan place. This is also reflected in Singaporean cuisine. Dining out in Singapore is an unforgettable experience and the combination of Chinese, Malay and Indian foods means that you can taste the most sumptuous oriental cooking here. In fact Singapore is world famous for its cooking so try as many restaurants as you can. If you don’t have a big budget, don’t worry. Food sold by street vendors is often superb too. Although Malay is the official language of Singapore its importance as south east Asian business centre means that English is widely spoken. However, the local dialect has come to be known as ‘Singlish’ because of the combination of Chinese, Malay and English dialects. Car hire Singapore is a good way to get around as the road system is not overly complicated. It is possible to drive from Singapore to the peninsular part of Malaysia but check with your rental company about whether you are allowed to do so. Singapore is known as the Garden City and in its huge international airport alone there is a whole range of flora and fauna to enjoy. Changi airport has three terminals and is a hub for airlines such as Tiger Air and JetStar. Car hire Changi is the best way to start your journey through Singapore if you are entering Singapore from abroad. The Singapore roads are maintained perfectly, roads rules are adhered to and driving is on the left. At night Singapore is dazzling with skyscrapers lit up and many multi coloured lights around the city harbour. Around the Singapore River you will find a collection of theatres and spectacular looking buildings and this is a good place to go for a night out. Singapore is the second most crowded country is the world with four million people packed onto this relatively small island. Singapore has a reputation for being boring due to the strict laws there which lead visitors to describe it as the Switzerland of Asia and ‘Disneyland with the death penalty’. Travellers to Singapore should exercise caution as the country has some fairly draconian rules which include not being allowed to chew gum in public, a ban on public displays of affection and a death penalty policy for drug use. Bizarrely enough it is also illegal to bring any pirated goods, pornography or publications by Jehovah’s Witnesses into Singapore. You have been warned! However the benefit of these strict laws is that Singapore has virtually no crime. In Singapore the climate can be your worst enemy with high temperatures and humidity while months between November and January are the rainiest. Rhino have main pickup locations througout Singapore including some of the hotels and the main airport called Changi Airport.

Nice Travel Destinations – Turkey Holidays

Currently Turkey is one of the Europe’s leading Travel Destinations with Great resorts. Most of the Tourists love to be spent at Turkey for their annual holidays. All the Travelers feel comfortable with the facilities over there in Turkey. Especially the following are the major places to spend holidays in Turkey…. Marmaris Bodrum Dalaman Marmaris Are you looking for the exiting resorts and a Great relaxing holidays to enjoy with your family then Marmaris is the right place with all facilities. Marmaris is possibly the most European of all the Turkish resorts, although a venture into the Old Quarter shortly reveals a really conventional Turkish air. Old men seat in the shadow playing backgammon just yards from the more advanced bars on these affront. Beautiful coastline, friendly people, good fresh foods and delicious local wines, that could easily compete against many European vineyards.. In the last few years, Marmaris has given headway with the rapid development of its infrastructure, parks and recreation and continuous construction of modern facilities. Many tourists having visited Mamaris, go back to their homeland, after falling in love with its charming bay. Bodrum It was built on the ruins of the ancient city of Halicarnassus during the early 15th cent. A popular tourist resort, the town’s notable landmark is a 15th cent. castle. It is also a center for underwater archaeology in the Mediterranean. Bodrum, Turkey is located in the southwestern Aegean Region of the country. Bodrum has changed drastically over the past years, it has gone from a humble fishing town to a booming touristic heaven for Europeans. This island also known as the island of Gokova is a place which you will not want to leave once you start liking it. The clear translucent waters that keep lapping on the sandy beaches is a treat in themselves. It also allows one to see the rich marine life that lives beneath. Dalaman Dalaman is an area of natural beauty. It is located between the sea and mountains and benefits from its proximity to many areas of interest both historical and geographic interest (e.g. Dalyan mud baths, ancient tombs etc). In other words Dalaman is located in the Mugla Province in the west of Turkey. It is the perfect beach holiday with stretches of white and gold sand. A portion of the town is situated near the Dalyan River surrounded by beautiful mountains. What keeps tourist coming back here is the mouth watering Turkish cuisine as well as international cuisine, well equipped water sports facilities, nightlife and just like any other cities in Turkey, Dalaman has its share of rare archaeological sites. Dalaman town itself has many shops, resturants, bars and tea gardens and is growing quickly due to the investment in the area. Dalaman has its own huge natural beach, although not overly commercial ‘yet’ it is still pleasant and hosts lots of wildlife. The town is ideally situated for lots of resort areas but perfect if you prefer a quieter place to base yourself. Stop thinking about how was the Turkey holidays. Just go and see, It’s a Great experience with pleasure.